Your Photo On An Adult Dating Site – Do’s And Don’ts For The Ladies

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This article is for those ladies who want to look perfect on their adult dating site profile. You will learn what the guys are looking for and make your adult dating site experience unforgettable.

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So ladies, it’s Friday night, and you are dateless again. You want to go out, but you are tired of hanging out with your group of friends, all of whom are talking about their relationships or who they slept with last week. It gets old. I get that – who doesn’t want a little action a little more often? Heck, even a date right now for the company would be something.


But there are so many different adult dating sites now. You can hook up through dating apps on your phone too. Before you can even begin perusing the possible candidates for the evening, you have to create your dating site profile. It’s a pain, because every last dating app and every last adult dating website wants a profile photo.

Geez, it’s a meat market based on looks and who knows what you can and cannot get.

I pour my usual glass of poison. (Damn, that’s a smooth whisky!) Then I sit down and try and figure out if I should just hit up the web cam sex chat channels, or create a profile or two on things like “Tinder” or “Plenty of Fish.”

Really, it’s neither here nor there, but I’m thinking I would like some actual, physical company tonight.


I opt for a website and start a dating profile page. Then I get to the profile picture option.

I take another swig. What pics have I got that don’t make me look like a creep, a stalker or a drunken frat brother? I fish through dozens of shots before throwing up a couple I think will pass muster.

Then I login and begin looking for my date for tonight. I’m floored, and not because the whisky is going to my head and not because there are tons of hot babes on screen either. It’s the profile photos on those adult dating sites.

I actually made an effort and put some thought into my photos. It’s clear that some of these women did not. Then I realize that these people need a wake-up call. Okay, here goes everything you should and should NOT do with your dating site profile pictures!


1. Please, please do show everyone a very clear picture of your face. Bad lighting can make you look like a different ethnicity, which may disappoint dates who actually want to date someone who is Asian or African American.

2. Give a full-length shot too, and not just of your “assets”. Yeah, I want to see the assets, but I want to see everything else too.

3. Go light on the makeup. If you look like a drag queen, I might pass you up, unless I’m in a more adventurous mood, and that does not happen often.

4. Smile in one of your shots. If you look like an angry serving wench in every shot, I’ll “swipe left” in a hurry.



1. Don’t show only shots of your boobs, crotch or junk. That’s what sexting is for. Of course, if you happen to be on a webcam site then those types of shots are required for getting clients. But on a dating site? Not really. Yes, they are nice to see, but I want to see you first of all. Details we can figure out later…

2. Don’t pose in lingerie or bikinis. You will get my hopes up and I may be very frustrated during the date because all I can see is you in skimpy clothing. You will also find my constant staring to be annoying, and the date will not end well. OR if you are ready to get laid on the first date, this will do.

3. Stop with the selfies girls. The guys may like what they see, but honestly, if you spend all your time in the gym to post selfies on adult dating sites and then wonder why guys treat you poorly, well, think about it.


Anyway, having seen more than enough of all of the wrong stuff on this adult dating site, and not really finding much to connect to in the last three hours, I finish off another glass and decide to skip an evening out. Maybe in a few days I can fish around for a date for this coming weekend. I will keep you posted as the next review coming up is… Can you guess?

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