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ImLive – welcome to the honest review of one of the oldest sex cams web-sites online from Xander X Reviewer. Models quality, sex cams quality and how much it’s gonna cost you – you will find it all here.

I’ve had a very tiring day…

Everybody always wants to finish everything on a Friday. I ended up with around 20 emails in my mailbox at 5 p.m. and left the office at bloody 8. Why can’t you people just send your emails through the week? Anyway, enough of a rant, let’s get going.

I have just poured a glass of a superb Macallan Rare Cask, so let’s review something with the similar depth of flavour.

One of the top search results, many paid ads on Google – and one of the oldest sex cam sites – ImLive.

Here is their ad, the very first one in the paid Google ads:

ImLive Google Ad

Let’s see. Hot Emo Girls and Cosplay Chicks? Pretty specific, eh? Mind, my search query was “sex cams” – not sure why they suddenly decided to show me emo’s. Maybe my last porn searches played the role? Oops.

Anyway, let’s click it and go check those emo and cosplay chicks out. 🙂

Looks like these guys are giving away free credits straight away for a free account. Meaning that I will need to register to get them of course:

ImLive Free Credits

Can I view sex cams stuff if I don’t register? Let’s click on one of the profiles:

ImLive Free View
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Yep, I can view the sex cams live stream, but if I want to chat openly, have a private conversation or view something hotter than this, I have to sign up.

At the same time I get offered something immediately to entice me to share my data:

ImLive Offers

That’s one very clever promo, I must give them that. If I want to get more free credits, I need to spend more. Looks like a win-win situation, and if you are sure you want to spend some time watching sex cams here, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Before we register or decide to part with our hard earned cash, here is a page worth checking out – Live Sex Chats.

You can immediately see how many sex cams models the site has and also by category, which looks very convenient and quite accurate. Love the Shy Girl Alone section (some of them did not look so shy though! 🙂

ImLive Sex Cams Chat

What I also loved is various ratings for the models where you can see which sex cams models have been voted the best in each category by users:

ImLive Models Ratings

I apparently clicked on best boobs immediately. Shame they were all offline though!

ImLive Best Boobs
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I of course eventually have to register – and you will if you decide to play here. Simple registration process, but mind the checkbox that is pre-checked:

ImLive Mind The Checkbox

This means they will send you different emails from sex dating and other sex cams sites. Uncheck it if you don’t want to flood your inbox with those offers. I usually have a special mailbox that I use for such subscriptions, so I don’t mind and leave this checkbox on. It may also help me find some more interesting sites to review for you guys.


After you register, you will have to confirm your email address, so do use a valid email. If you don’t want to receive their emails, go directly to email settings after confirmation and de-select all the email types:

ImLive Emails

Member area looks pretty decent, you can save your favourite models, shows and re-watch them, which is very convenient.

ImLive Member area

Of course, expect to pay for most of the stuff, even though some of it initially looks free. You can’t do much here unless you become at least Bronze user by buying some credits.

ImLive Subscriptions

There is also a Group Cam feature where you may enjoy a “threesome” with two cam girls on the same screen. To be honest, did not excite me as much – I’d rather have both girls in one room. 😉

ImLive Group Cam

Okey, after buying some credit (I’ve bought 50 and became a Bronze member) and playing a bit with the girls, it’s time to summarize now.


  • Promos: Some nice promos where you can get more credits by paying less (10 credits for free, 50% extra credits on the first purchase)
  • Multi-viewer: You can view multiple rooms, and at the same time it’s not boring, if some action is not to your liking
  • Live directory: You can see immediately how many models are online
  • Live shows: Watch models pre-planned shows and their recordings if you liked them
  • Porn star shows: Exclusive porn star shows that ImLive works with – good chance to catch your favourite stars live if you are into porn
  • User reviews: You can check out sex cams models who are the best in each category according to the users, and vote yourself too
  • Gamification features: Interesting membership program that awards you with benefits as your membership grows (Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP)


  • Need to register: You can only view mild content without registration, no chat or further action
  • Poor localization: Mostly English speaking models, but on the other hand, in sex cams – why would you care? 😉
  • Few niche models: If you get bored with the mainstream sex cams and want to browse something more specific and niche, I would recommend some other niche sites for that
  • Devices limitations: You can’t use all the features on mobile. ImLive pre-warns you though, which is pretty fair
  • Most content is not for free: So if you are looking for a lot of free sex cams stuff, ImLive is not for you
  • A bit old design: Overall it feels that they developed the site in early 2000s. Designers modernized it recently, but still many things feel like from the beginning of the century.


ImLive Judgement

Mature and reputable resource with tons of models to watch. Many of their girls are stunning and you will definitely find some that you would want to spend your credits on.

Porn star shows are a great bonus. You can watch them live for free and get a discount to watch the recordings. Many ratings, contests and even gamification elements that keep you occupied and don’t let you get bored.

You can buy credits, and get a discount if you buy more plus catch some great special offers I wrote about before. Play their game and as you spend and become Bronze, Silver, Gold or VIP you get more and more nice add ons and discounts on the ImLive site.

My final judgement is:

if you are ready to spend some money on webcams and buy credit to have fun, that’s definitely a place to do this. Beware of auto-renewals, so make sure you control your subscriptions and spend wisely!

ImLive Sex Cams Yes
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Have you tried it yet??? Share your experience in comments!

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