Attract Girls On Sex Dating Sites: Quick Guide For The Guys

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What you should and should not do when taking a photo for your sex dating sites’ profile. Quick Guide by Mia Dexter that will make sure you attract the hottest girls on any sex dating site you join.

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Guys, Take the Lady’s Adult Dating App and Sex Dating Sites Advice…

It’s Friday, lazy, late afternoon, and I’m thinking about how to spend my Friday night. Humph. Friday night, date night. Whatevs. Single on a Friday and here I sit, contemplating what I will do.

There’s always the endless chatter on social media. But there’s all the shots of people you know, out drinking, dancing, laughing and having a good time. Sometimes they remember to invite you, but mostly they would rather be out with their significant others and not have the “single third wheel” along for the ride. That’s just too depressing…


For kicks and giggles I decide to download an adult dating app on my phone. Who knows? I’m not expecting love, I’m not really expecting anything beyond a meal and some company.

Geez, even in app form these sex dating sites are a pain in the rear to fill out. Compatibility reports, likes, dislikes – all the cheesy badness of a four-cheese pizza with extra cheese is here. I get to the point where you’re supposed to load a photo or take one where you are right now.

So I decide to pause a second, thinking about how I haven’t really gotten dressed or dragged a brush through my hair. I quick do that, and slap on a little make-up. Not too much make-up, just enough to make my face stand out when I hit the shutter button on the phone.

Photos on Sex Dating Sites

I look up and see it’s getting later by the hour. Lets pour a little liquid courage in the form of a sparkling Rose. Nothing prettier than a pink wine at sunset. And as a result, it tastes good too.

I find some good lighting, snap the same pic about six times from different angles, pick one and upload it to my profile. All set. Time to look for Mr. Okay-by-me-for-the-night.

Swipe left. Swipe left. More chests than muscle beach, and some of them are just not pleasant to look at either. Swipe left….


When all is said and done, I’m just amazed at how little effort these guys put into their profiles. I know guys are simple creatures, but hey, work a little harder at this, okay? Your goal is to get into some girl’s pants for the night, or at the very least, find somebody who will tell you that it’s better to be bald than wear that terrible comb-over look.

Okay guys, I really shouldn’t do this, but seriously, y’all need some help with these profile things. It isn’t just your pics that I find frustrating either. What you write about yourself is…well, it needs work. Here’s the skinny on fixing your profiles and your pics.

Sex Dating Sites Do’s

  • Dress nice. Please dress nice. In fact, women don’t like slobs. We don’t want to hang out with someone who looks like our little brother or have someone thinking that we are on a date with our uncles.
  • Your profile better show pics of you dressed nice. We don’t want to see your hunting conquests and heads of dead deer. We don’t want to see you full Monty on your Harley – save that for the calendar you’re shooting. If you don’t dress nice for the date and you don’t post profile pics of you dressed nice, SWIPE LEFT, period.
  • If you can’t write a profile bio because you don’t know what to say, hire a writer to do it for you. Better yet, hire your best female friend to write it for you because she knows you and can do a better job.

Sex Dating Sites Don’ts

  • Don’t post pics of your junk, your erect junk in boxers or a speedo, flexing muscles in front of your bathroom mirror while only wearing a towel, pics of your “man boobs” because you have some weird idea that man boobs are hot, or a pic of your butt. Because, honestly, the pic of your butt sends mixed signals to straight women and gay men.
  • Please don’t post weird scary shots of yourself, or pics of you doing weird things.
  • Don’t post a brief description of your penis and nothing else about yourself. That’s just a massive turnoff.

To sum up, that’s what it feels like for a girl on an adult dating app or a sex dating site right now:


That said, I will keep swiping left while I finish this bottle of Rose and pass out on my couch, alone, on a Saturday night. Maybe next week….

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What about your photos guys? Better than just a dick pic? Tell me in comments below!

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