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International models from various niches are gathered at XLoveCam adult chat cams site. Enjoy the entertainment to its fullest, and I will advise you of the best offers and discounts.

I’ve had lots of fun last night with the Fuego de Vida review, and tonight is a cams night, so I have chosen a hot adult chat site for you guys.

My whiskey of the night is Kornog – it is produced at the famous French distillery Glann ar Mor. It has pitted flavour and goes so smoothly down my throat. I love pitted whiskeys, and you?

XLoveCam is my choice for tonight’s review. I have heard quite a few interesting things about it, so I will either prove those rumours right or wrong. The company is also French, so it goes nicely with my drink choice.

XLoveCam adult chat

When you land on the homepage of XLoveCam, you have an option to switch back to the old design version. The guys have recently redesigned their adult chat product, and to be fair, I do enjoy the new version much more. Try for yourself, see what you think and tell me in comments!

Registration at XLoveCam is free and fast. Plus they are giving away a Free VIP Video if you confirm your email – one more benefit of using a real email address for those signups.

XLoveCam Free VIP Video
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After you login you will be asked to top up your account. Fair enough, you shouldn’t really come to the adult chat sites without cash. 😉 I guess that’s the way to check if you are a time waster or a real customer for them. There are very few cam sites that allow a lot before you register and then pay, so I will top up my wallet!

XLoveCam Pay For Memberhsip

Paid easily with the credit card, and they’ve even had a Bitcoin option. The variety of the payment methods is very impressive indeed. They know how to take your money!

If you are not ready to pay yet, you can just click away from this page and navigate the site further for free. I have expected the links at the top to be disabled, but they were not.

Okey, so what does XLoveCam have to offer?

They have two different sections – Live Cams and Videos. What’s the difference there?

Live Cams section is pretty standard – there are models that you can watch, and those that have HD equipment are marked with the special HD sign.

XLoveCam HD Video Quality

What is Videos section then?

Videos mean pre-recorded cam girls sessions that you can watch when they are not online. You have two sections there: free videos and VIP videos. Free videos are obviously free to watch for everyone. To watch VIP videos you will need to become model’s VIP member by spending some of your credits:

XLoveCam VIP Videos
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I like the concept as it gives you the right as a free member to decide if you like the girl or not before you spend some hard earned cash with her:

XLoveCam VIP Member

When you are browsing the model, you can see different stuff about her: info, pictures, videos, give her a bonus. But the thing I like the most was the schedule. Basically it gives you the idea when the model is more likely to be online based on her past performance statistics.

XLoveCam Online Graph

You can also view comments about models from the other guys and send messages to the girls. This gives you the atmosphere of not only cams but hot adult chat site. I actually liked it a lot as you cannot keep your messages in live chats, and here you can re-read your threads when you feel like it.

While I was browsing and watching different shows, XLoveCam crew actually asked me for my opinion about their interface:

XLoveCam Questionnnaire

Thanks guys, I did feel important. I think it’s a great way to show customers that you care, very well done. Of course I have left an opinion to help XLoveCam design team make mine and your experience better.

What has also impressed me a lot was their daily ratings:

XLoveCam Daily Ratings
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Basically, every day they rate models. If you want to make sure you watch only the HOT girls and go into adult chat with the top-top ones, go directly to this rating and pick the winner. I will mark this feature as very useful for all the users.

Okey, so it’s time to summarize and outline some pros and cons of XLoveCam adult chat and cams solution.


  • Free area: Quite a few things to do and watch even before you buy credits
  • Models’ schedule: Very handy page to see when you are the most likely to catch some of the models online
  • Adult chat: Ability to message models and keep conversations history in the mailbox adds dating/chat flavour
  • Extensive sorting: You can sort models based on dozens if not a hundred criteria allowing for a great variety every time you browse
  • Transactions history: Easily accessible review of your spend where you can see what you’ve done last night even if you drank too much 😉


  • Interface: A bit aggressive, my eyes started to hurt after a while
  • Online girls: Many girls were not online, so I had to sometimes choose not who I actually wanted. Had some great fun and chat with them though!
  • Technologies: Maybe a bit out of date if you compare to the Flirt4Free and guys who offer real toys to satisfy you better
  • Special offers: Not as many offers that let you save money as on some other adult chat and cams resources



Loved it. Very well laid out cams / adult chat web-site even though I found the colours blinding in a way. It is a very traditional live cams platform, but I must admit it has been worked on all the time. It loads well on mobile. Mobile interfaces are very simple, fast and easy to use.

It lacks latest technologies a bit, but not everybody is ready to invest into virtual reality sets just yet, so for the traditional dudes like myself it hits all the spots.

Very simple and easy to navigate, straightforward payment models and spending models with the tokens. Yes, I do recommend XLoveCam for trying on a lonely evening when you don’t feel like clubbing or going to the bar.

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If you have already tried it – please tell us what you think in the comments!

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