Casual Dating Site That Stands Out: C Date

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Review of C date: casual dating site with millions of dates, unique features and the aura of mystery.

Good evening everybody from truly yours Xander X Reviewer. Today is Friday so it’s time for spirits and fun. As always my choice is quality so while drinking Laphroaig 20 y.o. I am presenting you a casual dating site C date tonight.

C date - casual dating site

When I said quality I truly meant it. From the very first moment when you start using C date you will not find any ugly page or a sassy headline. It’s really slick and high end.

It’ll take time to register your profile but you wouldn’t feel any irritation clicking through registration wizard forms. It’s elegant and cozy.

C date registration form

After these registration pages that kindly helped me fill out my profile and upload a photo I finally got in and my first impression was – AM I ON A CASUAL DATING SITE?.. Or playing some sort of a mysterious online game? Everything is blurred and misty violet…

Misty violet C date
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Then the realization comes. Of course it was blurred for not paid users and you cannot do anything here until you pay.

Usually on casual dating sites you can see at least small profile picture to understand if she is hot or not but not on C date. This casual dating site protects every male and female user from scammers and just-passing-by people. Until you pay and leave your card details it shows you simply nothing. And I think that your payment details is a strong trust factor.

Plus you are not supposed to be browsing the site here. You can see your visitors and people who liked your profile. But your matches will be chosen by C date only (same way for the others), and nobody knows on what basis.

Of course, from one point of view you as a user can say – ok, I need to see at least something to buy or it makes no sense. But C date can take this risk. Their position is to provide casual dating site service to everybody who wants QUALITY instead of quantity. So you can have some kind of a guarantee that people you’ll meet here came to a casual dating site. You won’t pay to just waste your time.

C date premium

Everything you get before you pay (messages, visitors, matches, etc) C date saves for you for 24 hours to urge you to upgrade. Either you pay or you leave – there is nothing else to do here.

C date packages
C date casual dating features

Here you can see features of a Premium and Trial members.

Okey, now we are talking…

C date girls pictures

Did you notice these erotic pictures below the main photo? Well, it’s a nice feature from C date. It shows you a huge list of different erotic views and situations. You basically choose 5 of them which are close to your current mood or in general to your personality:

C date profile pictures
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On their basis C date names your personal erotic type, which appears as a status in your profile and shows to your matches who you are. Plus it recommends your profile to the girls with similar erotic types.

C date erotic type

What about guarantees?… Well, here is another thing to say. Usually casual dating sites offer us cashbacks, free days or months of Premium membership. All if we don’t get any satisfaction (read: get laid).

C date leaves it in our hands and guarantees contacts.

Yes, they give us guarantee of the number of contacts in a time period or Premium membership remains free of charge until you get to this number.

C date guarantee

Well, what can I say? Pretty fair. Especially when you cannot browse girls, and it’s C date comparing profiles and offering them to you on the only-C-date-knows basis.

I personally cannot blame C date system, because I spoke with many girls here and even met them. But that’s a story not for the current review. So I strongly recommend this casual dating site for people who don’t like wasting their time trying to find diamonds in the dirt. To those who simply want to try quality service provided by C date.

C date quality service
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It’s truly yours Xander X Reviewer sharing his experience with you so please feel free to do the same in the comments below!

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