Sex Toys You Must Have To Please Her In Any Mood – Top 3

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Have you ever wanted to buy a perfect sex toy that would make her scream with pleasure? Get her ready for a hot night-long action in bed? Make her want to keep pleasing you night after night? Read on, Mia shares the girls’ secrets on which sex toys get them going in this new article.

Hi Guys on this perfect Sunday evening. Did you have a good weekend filled with passion? Are you looking for sex toys that will spice up your sex life and leave your lady wanting more and more?

I thought I would share my thoughts on what could help you get her all worked up and wanting to give you all that pleasure back…

#1 The Share Dildo

The share dildo sex toy

I love the black one in this couple.

The Share Dildo is so comfortable and cannot be compared to any other dildo on the market. First of all it can do what other dildos cannot. Did you guess? I am talking about going that extra mile… It is goes in so deeply – believe me, I have one of them at home.

And second – pay attention to how it is bent. It ideally reaches her G-spot if you play with it’s other side. Just to let you know – I have a black one. Yes, maybe it’s costly, but trust me, it is worth every penny and it is so universal. If you are not going to buy everything from this guide, buy this one, and she is yours forever.

Did you figure out why it has such name? I will leave you to your fantasies here…

#2 GVibe 2 Vibrator

GVibe 2 Vibrator Sex Toy

This one is just perfect. This is something new in my collection. I call it a pink snake. The scheme inside will show you what it can do, I am over the moon, and your lady will also be – trust me!

It is irreplaceable when she is gently sucking your cock. Place it inside her, and it will burn the fire in her immediately. She is burning with desire and pleasure and she is giving that sensation to you during the process…

Or you can get inside her and massage her clitoris or nipples with it. Or she may want to use it simultaneously – it all depends on how far you both want to go.

If you apply your imagination, you will also get something really pleasant out of it on a lonely night. What a comfortable handle!

#3 G-spot Pack

G-spot Pack Sex Toys

My sweet little guys… When you have these sex toys, you think everything is so easy. These little guys will definitely reach her G-spot.

Give The G Spot Vibe to her when she is headed to the shower… She will come to you all wet – not only on the outside, but on the inside too. Or join her in the shower after five minutes, and you will find her willing to do more than usually.

If she is into anal sex, The G Spot Vibe will be a perfect addition to your sensual games. It will help her reach a perfect orgasm – especially if you are stimulating her clitoris with your fingers.

Lubricant is a nice present that will make your nights unforgettable. By the way – SexyAvenue runs promotions on this product quite frequently, and you can actually get it half price!


These were my top three sex toys picks for the ladies. Just use your imagination, and you can also use them if you are dateless for a night. 🙂

Are you still here reading??? You should be shopping already! Just imagine what you will do with her with these sex toys and…

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