G Spot Pack “The Double Pleasure” – Spend Your Evening With Pleasure

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You have tried many sex toys, and you are looking for the new emotions for your lady. This G Spot Pack is a great tool to try in your bedroom.

The G Spot Pack contains two vibrators that have been specially designed for stimulating and reaching the G spot, woman’s most erogenous zone. It also comes with the lubricant so you don’t forget it when ordering in a hurry.

If you don’t know, woman’s orgasm is ruled by hypophysis. Scientists claim that it is directly connected with the G spot, so these little babies will make her scream with total pleasure.

Your lady’s G spot may be difficult to reach with your fingers, and you won’t necessarily find it immediately. The size of these two vibrators is tailored to reach the most women’s G spot so you won’t need to be guessing.


She will be very pleased to find these tools on her own in your apartment while she is waiting for you to come back home… So when you are there she is ready for you to play further. Perfect tools to keep her satisfied and diversify your sex life with the same partner.

From the official description:

The Double Pleasure is a 2 in 1 stimulator that particularly targets the G spot thanks to its domed tip. The small integrated bristles actively titillate the clitoris. It has adjustable speeds using the remote control. Length of cord: 60 cm. The vibrator part which is inserted measures 7.5 cm. At maximum speed the vibrations are more intense but the motor remains relatively silent (works with 2 LR06 AA batteries – not provided).

The G Spot Vibe is a special G spot mini vibrator. Its undulations and crooked tip have been specially designed to precisely reach the G spot and experience absolute orgasm. Its texture is soft and smooth. It has speeds which are adjustable using the knob on the base of the vibrator. Its very practical size means you can discreetly take it wherever you go. Uses 1 LR06 battery, not included.

The Double Please G Spot Pack

Grab this G-spot pack so you can hear her screaming with delight. Also don’t forget to buy some chocolate and wine so she is satisfied on all fronts.

Experiment with different speeds and positions, and you will definitely take her to heaven.

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When you do try this G-spot pack, let us know how it went in comments!

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