Cam Girls And Tips: How Far Tipping a Cam Girl Will Get You

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Have you ever had a temptation to tip a cam girl and stopped yourself? Not sure where giving tips will get you and if it’s even worth it? I will give you my take on it based on my extensive tipping and web camming experience.

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It’s getting boring sitting at home and watching all those standard webcam shows, isn’t it? You want something extra, but not ready for a full blown hookup adventure. Then it may be the time when you start entering private webcam shows and tipping the cam girls.

Free will take you only so far in webcam shows, but if you have bought credits, make sure to spend them wisely! Tips is one of the things that makes sense, and I will explain you why now.

Tips are customary

1. You get special attention as a loyal customer.

First of all – you will feel like a king (or a queen?). Who doesn’t like their ego to be pampered from time to time? Webcam sites are one of the best choices to achieve this. Cam girls usually get paid based on the time you spend on their shows plus they get tips on top. If you are going to take her out (not for a date, LOL) and give her a bonus on top – she will be over the moon and back.

Any time you log on to the site, she will remember you and listen to what you want her to do. And sometimes you will get this for free, because she remembers that you tipped her well before.

When you are in the private webcam show with her, if the cam girl recognizes you, she will greet you as a loyal client. If you keep coming to her for more shows, she may even start saving you some money by giving you what you want faster. She knows that she’ll get tips and will try harder every time. She also knows you’ll come back if she is doing a good job.

Hey, I know you!

2. You get the cam girls to do what turns you on

This one is a no-brainer, right? You take the girl into a private show, and as a result, you expect her to show you all she’s got.

It may not be the case from the start as cam girls are trained to keep you engaged and always wanting more. If you just enter a private show, she will be playing with you to keep you longer. So by tipping her in the most webcam services you can make her do exactly what you ask.

This way if you see tips as an extra expense, don’t! They will get you where you want to be faster and save you those credits on the site.

She will turn you on!

3. Cam girls will recognize you next time.

Yes-yes, they will almost certainly greet you as their old friend and will want to give you more attention.

It’s the same as you are coming into your favourite restaurant, where everybody knows you. The moment you walk in, you are getting the best table, the best service, and the chef may even come out to give you an insight of what’s best on the menu tonight.

Why should it be different in webcam business where tips are as important as in any other entertainment service.

Tips are important

4. Discounts for purchasing credits.

This is a very easy one to figure out, but yes, I have to mention. You will always get discounts for purchasing credits in bulk, plus there always are special offers where you can buy X and get Y for free.

Always watch out for those promo notifications and emails from your webcam services of choice. They do a pretty good job at offering good deals to their loyal customers.

And the bonus! You will get tons of experience on what the girls like and some new cam girl friends. It’s a big industry and it’s always fun to come to a web cam awards ceremony, webcam industry show in Bucharest or AVN adult show in Vegas and know the girls personally. 🙂

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Do you tip the cam girls? What would you recommend to the other guys and girls? Share your view in comments.

And if you are a cam girl, please tell us what you think from your perspective!

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