Massager “The Magic Wand” – Harry Potter Would Want One For Ginny

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This Master Wand is a perfect all-purpose massager for both her and your pleasure. Use it for stimulating all the sensitive zones of her body, and as a result, you won’t need to work much on her orgasm afterwards…

You will definitely not get bored with this pink magician. But please don’t turn this massager on at the full speed, because otherwise she won’t need you at all!

It is convenient and very practical. It perfectly stimulates entrance to her vagina on the slow speed. Even though you will use it more often for her clitoris.

If she happens to be one-on-one with it, all her problems will disappear. There is only her and the Magic Wand. And after all, it’s so pink!


This is a sex toy that will definitely allow her pay you back. It is also perfect for any type of massage. It can also be a special tool to get you as hard as you have ever been if she applies it to the correct place. Just give her a hint!

From the official description:

The world’s most effective external stimulator!

Customers recommend The Master Wand Massager all over the world, as it is the most effective stimulator in existence. It has 10 extremely powerful vibration speeds, and will transport you to seventh heaven! Mains rechargeable. Can be used to massage the clitoris, breasts, crotch, back, etc.

The Master Wand Massager

Why did I rate it #7 in my sex toys collection for her?

It is very easy to keep pleasing each other, and as a result end up not having sex after you use it! You both will get so exhausted with multiple orgasms that you may want to order oysters to carry on.

This Magic Wand massager ticks all the boxes in my sex toys review. Meaning that it hits 5 Xs in Value for Money, Satisfaction and Usability categories.

You definitely can become the best wizard in your neighborhood by practicing those sexy spells! The Magic Wand massager will definitely help you with this.

Ready to become a wizard? Try it now >>>

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