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BongaCams is one of the biggest Adult Cams Sites available in almost every country of the world. It offers huge variety of models for every taste and flavour. If you are tired and looking to off load the pressure right now – look no further!

Hey guys, what are you drinking tonight? I went for some traditional whiskey from my collection – Glenfiddich 18 Year Old. Have you tried it? I do recommend it as it tastes so smoothly that even girls like it. Tried it many times with my adult dating sites dates. And have you tried BongaCams?

Tonight I am in no mood for dating, and we will go for the Cams site review. I have picked one that I’ve heard a lot of things about before.

Are you guys ready to try the adult cams resource that allows to do things for free? Then you are in the right place. BongaCams is the place where you can view live shows even without registration!


Yes, you have heard right. Lets dive in!

When you come to BongaCams home page they will determine where you are from. The site will show you the localized version in your language. They don’t do it by the browser language like many others, but by your IP address. So when you travel, you will see things in the language of the country you are in.

I am in London tonight so I see stuff that people would see in the UK:

BongaCams splash page
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If you go to one of the models’ screens you can see them performing without any issues.

You also see chat, and the girl (I guess it’s automated bot) starts the chat with you immediately:

BongaCams MonicaMonaco

Of course BongaCams as many other cams and adult dating sites prompts you to create my free account. To be fair, they offer you 5 free tokens for this, so you can immediately see that there is paid content as well on the site:

BongaCams 5 tokens free
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Of course, you can keep watching girls. The only problem is that they keep disappearing into private chats. You can spy on a private chat, but for that you have to register. So I guess let’s register and see what other interesting functions they have.

Of course I am offered to buy some token immediately, but I guess I will do it a bit later. Bonga Cams also offers PayPal and BitCoin as payment options. It seems that those are the most popular payment methods in the cams world. Or maybe not only cams. Do you guys have Bitcoin wallets?

BongaCams Pay with Bitcoin

But talking about the payment options.. I have never seen the ability to choose the payment operator before!

BongaCams offers you this choice. Of course they have recommendations, but if you are an experienced user, you can choose who to pay with:

BongaCams payment platforms choice

This actually did shock me a bit. I have chosen to pay with SegPay as I work in the IT business and know the guys. But to be honest, I doubt that many people are aware of these options and can make an informed decision. Okey, let’s move on!

As soon as I’ve registered, BongaCams has updated me about the interface change. They have made chat window on-page so you guys don’t have to even go anywhere now to read my messages and chat:

BongaCams system messages

Okey, so what are your options when you enter into the live stream of a cam girl? Let’s see.

Of course you can always just watch – that option is always available and free. You may have hard time finding the girl who is not disappearing into the private or group chats though.
Also you can chat – in a private, public or group chat or watch somebody else chatting to the girl.

There is a webcam button where you can share your cam in the chat or directly with the model. I would never do it, but maybe you guys will try it. If you do – let me know in comments. Just interesting to know how many people would share their webcam with a cam model. I might write an article on that, you know. 🙂

BongaCams starte your webcam

Bonga Cams offers tons of special offers – they appear in pop ups when you are browsing the site. Even the same offer (for example 10% off your order) appears in three different pop ups. Here are two of them:

BongaCams special offers

There is one more interesting offer. Get lifetime Gold status when you buy tokens for the first time:

BongaCams more special offers

And then BongaCams combines these two offers into one:

BongaCams discount
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Nice one. They also did not forget about the VIP membership offer. It costs quite a bit, but I ended up buying it. What did I like? The invisible mode. I think you guys will like it too. You can actually go and watch anybody without getting noticed.

BongaCams VIP

I am not a big fan of disclosing my personality on web cam sites, are you? That’s why the anonymity part worked nicely for me.

If you are after free stuff, try buying the smallest number of tokens and using the mobile offer. You will get 100 tokens that will buy you 3 minutes of a private chat, 6 minutes of a group chat or 14 minutes of spying after somebody’s session.

BongaCams mobile bonus

You will also get 10 free tokens by trying live sex cams for the first time. 🙂

Are you a guy who wants to see the hottest and the most popular models first? If yes, you will like the contest part. The hottest 100 girls get cash prizes every week. The hottest girl actually gets $1,000 – a very good motivation to run hot shows!

So, in summary.


  • Free content: Live shows available even without registration, and of course without payment
  • Friendly site updates: Nice system of site updates notifications making sure you don’t miss them and know how to use this cam site
  • Chat interface: Now similar to FB chat, easy to use, doesn’t take you away from the live show page
  • Four chat options: Group, Private, Full private, Spy/Voyeur mode for any mood you are in right now
  • Spy on a Private chat: For those of you who are a bit on a voyeur side, you can spy on the cam girl while she is having a private chat with someone. Doesn’t it remind you those watch-my-girlfriend-cheating movies a bit?
  • Special offers: I counted as many as six that popped up during the evening 🙂 Wait and see which you like the most


  • Girls keep disappearing: It’s difficult to catch a model out of action, the cool ones keep going into private or group chats
  • Intrusive pop ups: Any moment I went away to write a passage for you guys, I came back to the new pop up. Too many to my liking!
  • Girls’ relevance: Girls don’t always fit into categories when you apply filters on the left side panel. Muscular ones appear quite skinny for example
  • No pre-recorded stuff: If you miss your favourite model, you will have to wait for her to come online again


Great for a weekend fun. You will enjoy the shows, the only thing is that BongaCams team was trying too hard to convince me to sign up and then buy tokens. You may also find constant offer popups annoying.

Other than that – a great experience. Lovely hot girls motivated to get a weekly prize. BongaCams is doing a great job motivating models indeed. I’ve had a blast, and I am sure you will too!


Now it’s time for you to…

Check The Hot Girls Out >>>

If you have already tried it – please tell us what you think in the comments!

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