Romance Massage Candle – Add Hot Romance To Your Foreplay

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Does the name “Strawberry Wine” not awaken your imagination? It even sounds delicious, can you imagine what will happen when you actually breathe in this massage candle smell?..

Let’s be honest – you don’t really care… But have you thought about your partner? Spice the evening up with this aroma candle.

First of all let’s find out what it is. It is not your usual candle. It contains many natural aroma oils, and when they get mixed with wax, your body gets filled with warmth…

Spoil her, your number one. Light the candle and let it burn for 15 minutes… Blow it out now. Pour it on your palm and drop a little bit on her nipple. Trust me, you will want to lick and even eat your lady immediately. But don’t start with that!

Start with the sensual massage… Us, women, love it so much. Be gentle and caring, we don’t like manual therapy for a foreplay.

Put her on her stomach now. Pour the wax from the candle all over her legs close to her inner thighs. Start kissing it from the back of her knee going gently up. When you reach her ass cheeks, you know what to do next…


From the official description:

Enjoy a romantic time with this strawberry massage candle.

With this candle you are guaranteed very tender and loving times. All you have to do is light the candle and wait for about 20 minutes. Then blow out the flame and the wax will be warm but will not burn you. Begin massaging.

Its strawberry aroma gives off a lovely scent that quickly fills the room. The candle is kissable so you can lick the wax too. So don’t hesitate to cover your partner’s body with kisses!

Romance massage candle

To be honest with you, I am a big fan of a sensual massage and foreplay, so for me these candles are an absolute must have in your arsenal.

If you do enjoy it too, flip the game and let her pour the warm wax onto your nipples and ask her to go slowly down… Sensual pleasure is guaranteed and you are now both ready for something more than just kissing!

Ready for a sensual massage session? Get the candle now! >>>

Do you have these candles at your place? Share how you’ve used them too!

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