Spanish Girls And Hot Latinas Looking For More Fire: Fuego De Vida

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Dive into the world of Hot Spanish Girls and Latinas with the honest and up close and personal Fuego de Vida (Fire of Life) dating review.

Fuego De Vida Spanish Girls

Okey, Friday night – lets open my bar and decide what we are drinking tonight. I fancy something hot and unique, so here is the bottle Mia gave me for Christmas. It’s called DYC. She knows I love all sorts of weird stuff (Spanish whiskey and Spanish girls). LOL

Those of you who Googled it must be thinking now: “DYC? Spanish whiskey? What?” Don’t blame you guys! But yes, there is a distillery there now taken over by Jim Beam, that is called Destilerías y Crianza del Whisky. I must admit this whiskey is not that bad!

Spanish whiskey

Let’s see if Spanish adult dating sites are even better. 🙂 I have selected Fuego de Vida for review as it is one of the best known and oldest adult dating sites in Spain, and it has also recently expanded into Latin America. And I must admin I just love those hot latinas!

The front page picture was so hot so I could not resist and registered.

Fuego de vida Spanish girls

So after filling out a hot and short registration form, I had to confirm my email. After I did though, I have not received any emails to my real mailbox for quite some time.

I have gone through the process of filling out my profile without actually telling anything about me and did not upload any pictures. What stroke me here is that Fuego de Vida has two different albums on every user profile. First one is for normal dating photos, and the second one is – TA DA! – for the erotic ones:

Fuego de vida profile albums

They have also advised that my profile will not draw any attention without photo or some more information with this little sign:

Fuego de vida upload photo

Damn! I am not attractive even to myself… It made me reconsider and actually put up some photos and info! Maybe this way I will stand a better chance LOL.

Second point that actually impressed me is that the site is mobile first. To browse it you have to go through the menu on the left that looks weird on desktop but is so familiar to mobile web users. What I laughed at was that there is a button to message myself on my profile. As I love talking to smart people, I did try it. It just doesn’t do anything, which is a shame! 🙂

Menu of Fuego de Vida has many options. Enough to get lost here for quite some time!

I did click on a user search, but the advanced one is far too complicated to my liking, so I have hit quick search immediately after taking this screenshot:

Fuego de vida user search

Search results with hot Spanish girls came up immediately, and I did like the style. Search results page actually stands out and you can see that it was worked on very recently:

Hot Spanish girls at Fuego de vida

What I did not like is that the majority of the profile pictures were hidden or non-existent. Why? I came here for sexy Spanish Girls and Hot Latinas, and now I see that most of them don’t have pix.

But then it actually stroke my mind. Maybe those girls are real and they actually are too shy to upload photos? This site was sooo different from many adult dating sites I reviewed. It actually looks credible to me now.

Meanwhile I have received an email that encouraged me to add photo and more info to my profile. It has also offered a phone number that I could dial for help and advice:

Upload photos help
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That’s impressive guys! I did call and chatted with a lovely lady, and she actually guided me through the process of adding photo to my profile. Keep up the good work!

So I went on and opened a profile of a girl with the picture:

Spanish girl profile
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She had some nice looking photos, and it looked like a big gallery of erotic ones that I could not view… Nice incentive to upgrade my account.

I rated Ferra 5 stars (or hearts here) btw as her hot pictures were so damn natural!

Okey, I did not have any messages so far, so I went to check out girls who have birthdays soon:

Birthdays on Fuego de vida

I wanted to message some of them, but the site prompted me to upgrade my membership:

Upgrade membership

Okey, I have chosen 3 days for EUR 5 Trial, and they pre-warned me immediately it would renew into the monthly membership if I do not cancel:

Trial membership

I could cancel it 15 minutes before it expired, so hot Spanish girls were very well worth it. 🙂

I have exchanged messages with quite a few girls, and to be honest – as soon as I have uploaded photo I started getting attention. Before that nobody contacted me at all. It looks like Fuego de Vida does not try to push users to email each other. Unlike many other adult dating sites it does not send messages on users’ behalf either.

From my perspective it’s both good and bad. I would not be confused that the girl liked me, and messaged me on one side, but I would also miss out and not contact her on the other side… Go figure 🙂

So, let’s summarize.


  • Not aggressive: Unlike standard adult dating sites, Fuego de Vida is a very casual web-site and it attracts many real Spanish girls
  • Profile rating feature: A nice way to start a conversation and see if the girl likes you or not is to rate her profile (5 stars of course!)
  • Upcoming birthdays: One more conversation starter – and possibility to view girls with pictures on the site
  • Discreet billing: They billed me as WT Holding Ltd, so if I had a wife, she would have thought I bought some shares of a reputable company if she saw my credit card statement
  • Ads feature: Interesting feature when users post their ads and you can compete to fulfill their desires


  • Not adult in purpose: And it has the second side of the coin – you have to be careful how you approach girls here, don’t be harsh and no dick pix of course!
  • Complicated membership structure: A bit difficult to decide which one to take, so I went for the most expensive one 🙂
  • Very limited free features: Be prepared to pay for subscription, otherwise you won’t be able to do much here
  • Limited notifications: Some would say it’s good, but I would prefer a bit more communication from the site to know that I am getting traction from the other users


Old school recently re-vamped dating site with adult elements. It’s an interesting blend of serious relations and casual fun that guarantees you real girls and chances for success. I have actually agreed on meeting someone next time I’m in Barcelona. 🙂

Not as flashy as many other adult dating sites – no pressure and very subtle promotions and call to action messages. I did have fun here, found some really sexy Spanish girls and hot Latinas – so yes, I am giving this site a go-ahead!

Xreviewer approved
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Do you have any experience with Fuego de Vida? Share it with me and other XReviewer’s readers in comments!

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