Adult Store Adam & Eve: Buyer Experience Review And Special Offers Inside

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Adam & Eve is a very popular adult store that has thousands of sex pleasure products to choose from, free shipping and a TON of special offers. Read this store’s shopping experience review by Mia Dexter, and feel free to check it out yourself! They do ship worldwide.

Hi Guys! Tonight we are reviewing a very popular adult store shopping experience: Adam & Eve. Xander has made a Strawberry Margarita for me – one of my favourite cocktails of all times. So let’s start our review with the first sip…

Long time ago I have signed up for Adam & Eve adult store account and newsletter. You are entitled to a free gift when you sign up for it – so I did, and I received the bonus immediately. I did not use it at a time, and it expired – so make sure you use it soon after you subscribe for their news!


Don’t be upset if you are not on time with the welcome bonus or have not decided yet what to order – Adam & Eve sends you emails almost every day before you purchase.

Overall, A&E special offers are absolutely amazing – you get different gifts and discounts all the time. Here are just a couple of examples for you guys:

Adam & Eve adult store offers
Check the hot offers out >>>

I keep receiving at least five or six different offers per week. All you need to do is sign up and choose what you like. You can always gamble and wait for the next offer to come – to see if it’s better than the one you have just received.

By the way – we have got a special offer for the Xreviewer readers from Adam & Eve. If you sign up from Xreviewer and use the voucher code GETHOT15, you will get 50% OFF almost any one item + Free Mystery Gift + Free Shipping on your entire order! Make sure you waste no time and grab the bargain. 🙂

Grab 50% Off, Free Gift and Free Shipping >>>

Okey, so lets enter the site and see what happens there. When you come in, you get asked where you are from and also you have an option to choose your currency. Quite handy, and Adam & Eve has pretty cool number of locations they operate in, and currencies choice. Even if your currency is not on the list, you can pay in USD, which was the case for my location.

Adam & Even localization

As soon as you choose your location and currency, you can browse the site and look for the goods that you need. If you have read my sex toys reviews, you already know what will excite your sex partner. If you haven’t yet – go and read them now!

You can always use the search box at the top to navigate the site. I managed to find everything that I needed there. Or alternatively Adam & Eve has a good catalogue that you can browse and compare the products.

One more thing that I loved about this adult store when I was making an order were the comments. I was reviewing a vibrator, and guess how many pages of comments it had? 1? 10? No! 169! See for yourself:

Adam & Eve audience comments

And those were not just star reviews, but most of them actually had user feedback, so definitely not bot generated. They were positive, negative and neutral. Just amazing. These comments helped me choose the products I purchased, and will indeed help you.

If you are the first time buyer, or if you are not sure what you would like to buy this time, Adam & Eve has fantastic sex toys guides. For example this Couples’ Sex Toys Guide:

Couples’ Sex Toys Guide
Learn more about quality sex >>>

For me it would be too time consuming to read the whole thing, but if you have a spare hour or two, then you won’t regret it. If you don’t though – you are always welcome to read my short reviews and recommendations. 😉

So after spending some time choosing the sex toys let’s make a purchase at this adult store.

I have registered an account, added my items to the basket. I have of course used my discount that I have received by reading the Adam & Eve newsletter, and it worked:

Adam & Eve discounts

As you can see, the discount got applied to the more expensive item, so I got those 45% off. You can get your 50% off by the way by going to Adam & Eve from Xreviewer, plus the free shipping and a gift.

Get my 50% off now >>>

After adding my items something dragged my attention, so I have not completed the purchase immediately. Guess what? They offered me a 10% discount on my order for completing it today:

Adam & Eve complete checkout offer

It’s a shame though that I could not use it – I had to choose the offer that I liked more as you cannot really apply two offers to your order at the same time. But they did get my attention back – well done!

Okey, I have come back to the web-site, and I have added my shipping details:

Adam & Even purchase process

I am not in a rush, so no express shipping for me this time. Do you usually opt in for the express shipping on your orders? Let me know in comments – I am curious to know what you guys think!

So, here is my order summary – and I have also received some free gifts:

Free gifts

Vibrating ring is a nice addition to the order indeed, thank you Adam & Eve! Porn DVDs – not so much, ha-ha. Do you guys still watch porn on DVDs? I guess in YouPorn and PornHub times nobody does. 🙂

On another note, after payment I have received a complimentary Norton Shopping Guarantee. It’s a nice touch I must admit.

Norton Shopping Guarantee

Okey, my order is now placed and it arrived in 9 business days. Pretty accurate timing. DHL packed it quite discreetly and delivered to me, so my neighbours or courier could not tell I was ordering sex toys:

Discreet packaging

As you can see I have also got a $100 wine voucher active for 30 days after my purchase. I haven’t used it as I am not a big wine drinker, but it will come handy to you if you are!

So, I have received all items that I ordered, and they packed them well so nothing damaged or destroyed:

Safe packaging

My gifts are also here, and that Buffy porn DVD as well. 🙂

The quality of the items is as I have expected. I have not bought any luxury items this time, and they were as good as I have paid for.

Thank you Adam & Eve, and I definitely recommend my readers to shop here for their discreet fun and pleasures. So what are you waiting for?

Choose gifts with 50% discount and Free shipping >>>

If you have purchased anything from Adam & Eve adult store and have something to say about the experience, please share with us in comments. We are all looking forward to hearing how it went!

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