Features Of The Adult Dating Sites 2: The Not So Cool Ones

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Do you hate wasting your time? Want to get laid and not to get stuck? To help you use adult dating sites effectively I have created my anti hit parade of the adult dating site features. Read on to see how you can save time by avoiding some ineffective and obsolete adult dating sites features.

Last time I have promised to share my view on the adult dating sites features that are obsolete and not worth wasting your time on. So now let’s not waste your time on the long introductions and dive in.

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What are these features that I find obsolete and not worth using? Here is my anti hit-parade:

  1. Mailbox
  2. Long psychological questionnaires
  3. Dating forums
  4. Favourites
  5. So called Icebreakers

1. Mailbox

Some of you have just shook your heads disapprovingly as mailbox has always been a must have feature of any hookup or even mainstream dating site. You write an email to a girl you liked, and then the waiting begins. You can’t really know if she has seen or read your email, you have no idea when she will respond. And this is exactly why I think that mailboxes are a bad idea!

Chat interface is much more efficient, especially nowadays. When do you choose to write an email to somebody? I do it only when I need to document and archive the response, and I am not in a hurry to get it. I write an email and in fact I forget about it. Then I may check in a week’s time if I have still not received a response.

With the chat you instantly see if there is a reaction. If there is none – well, you can move on and try the next candidate. It creates more of an urgency effect if you know what I mean. But if you are fine looking and getting laid is not your priority tonight – go on, send those emails away!


2. Long psychological questionnaires

And to be honest, not only psychological. Any long questionnaires are a miss nowadays. Nobody is interested in filling those out, so the info is mostly empty on the adult dating sites. Some girls do it, but will you even bother reading? And let’s be honest, do you need to be a perfect match for quick after-work swing? I doubt it.

Yes, if you are looking for a love of your life, psychological matching is probably worth the trouble. But what do you need to know for a hookup? Where she is based, what she looks like, what she is looking for (to avoid the girls looking for a prince charming and lifelong romance), and probably what her preferences are in bed.

Adult Dating Sites Tests

Preferences and interests in bed is a single most important question from her profile. She may not tell you straight in the eye that she would like to be tied to your bed with handcuffs. Or you may not even want to write her if she is looking to whip you hard in her dungeon.

3. Dating forums

If you come to the adult dating sites to read and share your thoughts on sexuality and sex positions, then of course go on and join that forum. In fact you may even end up with a whole fan club of girls who are reading your posts, and are grateful for sharing the guy’s perspective. Women love talking and listening, so it may do as a very long-winded strategy to find someone.

Adult Dating Sites Forums

But we are talking about wasting time here, and if you are not really a fan of spending your Saturday posting on forums, stay away from that menu tab. You will find yourself reading useless generic posts, and will not reach your goal of getting laid or at least chatting dirty tonight!

4. Favourites lists

Yes, I find those useless. Have you ever gone back to you browser’s bookmarks? I stopped adding stuff to bookmarks a long time ago as I’ve never gone back and read them, except a couple of cool recipes. There is always something new, and there is never a time to go back.

Adult Dating Sites Forums

What do you do when you like a girl? Yes, chat to her. You don’t add her to favourites list hoping she’d notice and make the first move. Or do you? If yes, sorry dude, it’s just not my style. The girls don’t really appreciate that too unless you are looking for a mistress!

I also notoriously hate the adult dating sites that tie private photos and videos functionality into favourites lists. Who in their right mind would want to go back and add somebody to favourites to allow them to view a private photo? You would need to delete everyone else from this list if you want only this girl to see your new leather outfit. 🙂

5. Icebreakers

What are they in the first place? Icebreakers are the messages that an adult dating site sends on your or girls’ behalf. They are very fashionable lately and serve as introduction between you and your matches.


Even though I get where the site creators are coming from, I still find those useless. It makes it very difficult to say if the girl is truly interested in you or just used this icebreaker service without looking at your profile. You may reply to twenty messages but get no response, because the initial message was an icebreaker.

Of course there are cases when these icebreakers worked for me, and I got to meet some cool ladies thanks to them.

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Do you think that these features or some of them are still must haves for an adult dating site? Or maybe some other ones have also wasted your time lately? As always, please feel free to comment and share your pains with the other readers!

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