Jo Sensual Gel Silicone Lubricant: Get Her Started For A Long Night Of Sensual Fun

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The all purpose 3-in-1 silicone lubricant and gel that is great for starting a night of sensual pleasures. Jo Sensual Gel gets #9 in Mia’s pleasures guide of must have products to please you lady and get some hot action in return.

Is your lady a busy businesswoman who works long hours and knows what she wants? This silicone lubricant is the product that is tailored exactly to her needs. She will definitely appreciate the practicality of this 3-in-1 lubricant that she can also use as a massage oil.

The importance of lubricants

She is the one who understands the real importance of lubricants when you only have time for a quickie. But who else would need some deep relaxation after a long day of hard work?

This silicone lubricant will definitely satisfy her needs both ways – depending on the time you guys have and the mood she is in. It will also act as a moisturising lotion for her body.

Just imagine: she glitters in the moonlight, soft as silk… Your fingers are gliding over her perfect skin… She is getting wet on the outside and now on the inside… She can now slip off your hands – catch her now!

You know what to do next.

From the official description:

This is a lubricant, a massage gel and brightens tattoos.

The 3-in-1 gel from System Jo is great to use as an intimate lubricant and as a massage gel. One drop of this gel is the equivalent of 10 drops of a classic gel. A little goes a long way!

It moisturises the skin, rendering it silky smooth and brightening tattoos. Unscented. Silicone-based gel. Dermatologically tested.

Jo Sensual Gel silicone lubricant
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Or if you are into trying things first, there is a kit that offers a great value for money. With the kit below you are getting an all-in-one lubricant and massage oil plus the massager and a candle.

The candle will get her in the mood for having a sensual foreplay, but I personally prefer massage candles with a bit more exotic taste. The oil is similar to the Massage Glide, you are just getting a smaller pack to see if you like it or not for starters. The massager is a great help getting her relaxed and ready for a long night of sensual pleasures.

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