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Lisa18 is a relatively new casual sex site that promises to get you laid fast. Read an honest review from Xreviewer to see how likely you are to have that hot casual sex tonight if you join.

Hey All! Ready for the super hot casual sex site action this Friday night? Then join Xander as I am reviewing Lisa18 – one of the newest kids on the block.

Sipping on a glass of 12 y.o. Metaxa (yes, I got bored with a whiskey and went for something sweet tonight) I am opening this new casual sex site. Here we go, dive in!

Lisa18 - Casual sex site registration

Yes, registration is indeed free, like on most of the casual sex sites on the net. While registering I am going through the process of filling out my profile data. So will you, as Lisa18 needs that special info from you first.

Tell them what you are looking for, but I guess you are not looking for something longer term? At least I am not! Threesomes, sex games, meeting for sex – oh yes, count me in!

Lisa18 - Casual sex interests
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Then you go through some quick steps of registration, and fill out your email address as the last step. Guess what. I could actually enter this casual sex site without the email confirmation. That’s unusual! But here is actually why. You are not allowed to read your messages unless you confirm your email. Yeah, that’s just what I thought:

Lisa18 - Email confirmation

I have confirmed it, and so should you guys. Now you will be able to read a greeting from the site admin that is waiting for you in the mailbox.

My mailbox started to get filled by the matches alerts from Lisa18 members. As I went away from my screen to pour some more brandy into my glass, I got two notifications. And one email actually got me, the person who has seen so many casual sex sites, interested.

Apparently, one of my matches has answered a Question of the Day. And I did want to read the answer to know her better. Would you?

Lisa18 - Question of the day

This is pretty cute. Question of the Day actually lets you get to know people and see if they are your type. Much better than the usual descriptions people put up. So let us see what she answered!

Lisa18 - Read the answer

Bummer, you need to vote to read what she had to say! Lets do that – I hope that clicking on one of the options is not too much for you. I have chosen Chocolate. What would you choose? The girl has actually said she needed them all! OMG, that’s my type. And I actually sent her a message…

Anyway, lets see if she responds.

Meanwhile we are browsing this casual sex site. When you log in for the first time, it prompts you to add more information about you.

What is great, it is mostly effortless – you just pick three things that you are the most proud of. Of course you are prompted to add the photo of yourself:

Lisa18 - Upload picture prompt

Interesting, how did they calculate that? To be honest, I did not ask, but of course it’s logical. If your profile stands out, girls will be paying attention. Otherwise you have no chance of having that steamy casual sex you are looking for. Mia has written a quick article on the do’s and don’ts of the profile photos – have a read!

As we browse, I see the profiles of different girls. Some look too real 🙂 The other ones don’t look real at all, but I guess every casual sex site has those scammer profiles willing to steal you to watch their webcam show.

Some users don’t have photos at all. You will like “Ask for a photo” functionality that sends a message on your behalf without you having to type it.

Lisa18 - Casual sex site users

So click on the profile and start getting to know her!

The profiles are pretty in-depth, I would say even too in-depth for casual sex daters. And what’s hot is that Lisa18 adds answers to the Question of the day to the user’s profile.

They call it “My opinion” section:

Lisa18 - My opinion

These questions and answers allow you to judge pretty fast if the girl is your type or not. For me it says much more than anything she would put into her profile description. Girls may think that they are pretty adventurous and open minded when they write you, but then refuse some really innocent things when you meet.

Has this ever happen to you? To me – many times, so read between the lines using My opinion feature at Lisa18.

And final thing I wanted to show you before making my judgement. You will find this on cams site, but rarely on a dating site:

Lisa18 - Online status icons

Did you notice that the girls’ icons are of different colours? That means that Abigail is online right now, and that almabia girl was online recently. Pretty cool, eh? This feature will help you decide who you should be writing right now, and who you should leave for later.

Okey, now lets indeed summarize!


  • Classy: This is one of the prettiest and classiest casual sex sites I’ve ever seen. It smells like the work of the top end designer who they pay quite a bit
  • “My opinion on” feature: You get to see girls’ opinions on different topics that actually allows you to judge who you want to meet in the end.
  • Recently online girls: The cool feature that was my decisive factor to contact the ladies. I have actually received responses pretty fast, and am meeting Maria next week during my business trip to Rome


  • Slow reactions: Not many girls have actually replied. I got a general feeling that not many people were ready to chat immediately when I wrote them. Not sure what it was connected to but on some other casual sex sites I received a much faster response
  • Few features: Even though the site is very well laid out, it offers not as many features as many other competitors. Go in, agree to get laid and get out basically. Maybe not a bad thing, but it did not keep me up till 3 am.
  • Pricy: Yes, it was quite expensive based on what I’ve seen already. But eh, class always means higher price.



To sum up – money well spent! Lisa18 is a simple, classy and very well laid out casual sex site. I loved the design and UX. You will not have to search for a button or a link – they have thought it through for you.

Yes, it’s costly, but it attracts just the right type of audience. There were no cam girls who were trying to make me follow on to their external streaming profiles.

If you are a guy looking for a quality casual sex date, look no further. You are in exactly the right place. Or if you are a girl – you won’t find cheap folks on there! So go on to Lisa18 to drink some champagne with a lovely dude tonight.

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