Hookup Apps Must Have Features: Get Laid From Your Mobile

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There are plenty of hookup apps on the market nowadays, but how many of them will do the job? Swipe right, swipe left, no time to waste. What are those features that will get you laid fast, and which ones are completely useless for your mobile hookup experience. Read on and learn fast from our easy-to-read guide.

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Modern life takes a lot of time from us every day and there is not a lot we can save for ourselves. So when you crash at your place after a crazy working week, all you need is some hookup apps that will help you get laid fast. The last thing you want is to go out to a club or a pub for a hookup – does it sound like you? Can you find a naughty partner by sitting with your whiskey and smartphone on your couch? Well, basically, YES.

All you need to do is just to find those hookup apps that will do the job, right? One of the ways is to download Tinder that has gained popularity recently. But there is one big issue with this app. There are no guarantees that people there are looking for a hookup. You may waste your time on some girls who had no plans of having fun tonight. At least, that was my experience.

Dating apps will not do the job

So, what are the features and qualities of an app that would make it effective for hooking up? Look for these and you will not be disappointed:

1. It has to be a hookup app

It may sound very simple, but it’s not that straightforward. As you know, Apple bans any adult stuff from their store. As a result, adult sites and products that want to promote their hookup apps there have to make them very subtle and casual looking.

This is good from the perspective that it attracts more girls into the hookup apps. But it may also cause issues. Same as with Tinder, the girls may be confused that this is a dating app. So do choose wisely.

Make sure that the app clearly states that it was designed for hookups. When you search in the AppStore or on the Google market, there will be quite a few apps that pop up. Pay attention to the hookup apps creator. I would not install the app if it has been created by some random guy, who only has this app in his list as an author. It may look good, but I bet you any money, the database will suck.

Good examples of hookup apps that I tried myself:

Hookup apps I tried

All of them are created by companies that have experience in online hookups world, have a big name, and know what they are doing. That’s your guarantee that you will not download an app that would waste your time. Yes, Fling and BeNaughty talk about dating and singles, but we have seen the web versions, where the databases are full of adults looking for fun.

2. Big database of users

So yes, the most important thing – there should be plenty of users around. Again, how do you say that based on the app’s’ screenshots and description?

First of all – the company that made an app should have more apps they developed. Ideally, in the dating and hookup/lifestyle category.

Second – look at the screenshots carefully. Members and pictures should look attractive, but not too good to be true. If you see only models and no photos of couples or guys – then there are not enough real users within the app.

And third – read user reviews. Even if there are none on the app store itself, just Google the app. I know it may seem a hideous task, but it’s worth it. It will take 5 minutes of your time, but will save you all that installing, browsing and removing the app exercise.

Hookup apps database matters

3. Good chat functionality

This one I cannot stress enough. Even though it seems straightforward and logical – there are so many apps out there that don’t have proper chat. You know why? Because it’s quite a development overhead. Those producers who saved time and money developing the app and stripped it off the most important functionality are not worth your attention.

Make sure you find the screenshots of the chat and quickly look through them. If you see something like FB messenger functionality, then you are safe. If not – you may need to spend time trying to get used to the interface that you won’t need that often. And it’s really not what you need to focus on. So look for a hookup app with a good and easy to use chat.

Chat functionality is important

4. Ability to flirt with the girls

Before you ask what I mean – this one means all those icebreaking/firestarting features. Cool stuff that lets you start talking and get her attention. For example those trending feeds where you can see the hot girls.

Icebreaker features of the hookup apps

If there is an ability to rate photos (either by tapping or swiping, whatever) – it’s another great tool to let her know you like her. Just note that may take longer as you will be waiting for her to react. So take the bull by the horn and do it yourself.

Even though I listed the icebreakers as obsolete and useless for the adult dating sites, a quick way of messaging many users is useful on mobile. You can send a flirty message to many users in just one click, using the list of pre-written flirts to save you time and all that cumbersome typing on mobile.

No more typing on mobile

Okey, now you are armed with the knowledge and are ready to start having fun using one of those cool hookup apps on the market!

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And of course, let me know what features you are looking for in a hookup app in the comments below!

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