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Are you looking to get laid for real tonight? In the mood for real action? Loveaholics is an Adult Match Maker site that is full or real girls looking for real hookups online. No fluff, no cheating – just real people and real sex.

Ok, today was a lovely day for a change. I decided to make my evening lovely as well with a sweet liqueur called Drambuie. Mia showed it to me – it’s a gentle and smooth “whiskey for girls”. Trust me I’m not a girl, but i like it. So l googled some soft but still adult site, adult match maker of some sort, and found Loveaholics.

We know this site as a quality adult match maker for the right people on the net.

Loveaholics - Adult Match Maker

They promised to get me some naughty dates so I decided to try.

I liked their activation page explanation (not everybody does that). It’s true that emails from dating sites quite often go to spam folder. Same as you guys, I was very relaxed and forgot about it so it helped me to find the email and activate the account.

Loveaholics - email confirmation

The colour of the site spoiled my first impression. Honestly it’s not on my favorites’ list, and I doubt that somebody is a big fan in general. Seems like the designer was not in the best mood when they made it haha. Or it’s just my impression. What’s yours? Tell me in the comments!

Anyway, shortly after I registered, my inbox was full of messages and chat requests.

Loveaholics - inbox
Loveaholics - chat
Chat To The Hot Girls >>>

As a trial user you can browse around 50 girls in your area or worldwide, and if you want to see more, you should pay for a membership. You need to pay also if you want to read messages, join chat rooms or use your webcam to see girls live. It’s not a full list of course but you can investigate further… I am sure for you guys those are the main things worth paying for.

Loveaholics - payment page

As you can see below payment page Loveaholics “guarantees” your satisfaction if you follow the instructions:

Loveaholics - Get laid guarantee

Well, what can I say – I have my doubts about it. What if I met someone offline but it was not the person I expected because online she told me different stories… And what will happen if I follow your guide and will not get laid… I’ve seen better guarantee terms, but I guess worth trying anyway.

Guarantee Sucks

Ok, what’s very useful for you is a Flirtcast feature. It helps you let other people know that you are here fast. Plus you can change the subject of the message and choose the one that you prefer:

Loveaholics - Flirtcast feature
Flirt With The Girls Now >>>

Second thing that you guys will find useful is a search filter by categories, which not every adult match maker site has.

Loveaholics - Adult match maker filtering

To be honest I usually choose profiles by photos. So profiles with high quality photos are always at the top of my list. I guess you too, right? Anybody can write in their description that you are as hot as hell, but the guys will click on your ad if your photo is hot.

On the other side, some hot chicks have made some supposedly hot pics from the phone with shitty camera, and all you can see is just a blurred spot instead of a lovely face, big tits and a curvy ass. So yeah, let’s look at the good quality pictures first.

Browsing the site and looking for girls I saw the banner on the right hand side that offered me to find more girls:

Loveaholics - Find more girls

When I clicked, it sent me to another site: ClickAndFlirt. When I entered there I understood why Loveaholics didn’t kill their designers for those strange colours… Because ClickAndFlirt and more sites such as LocalsGoWild, CheekyLovers are from the same network and the main difference between them is the colour of site.

Loveaholics - Network sites

After browsing them btw, I found out that the girls were different too, so it was worth a shot indeed! Great job.


Okay, so would I recommend Loveaholics as an adult match maker site to you guys? I think yes. You will find many girls there who are up for a chat, and the rest is, as always, in your hands. I’ve personally had a few lovely chats during my Friday evening, so can’t complain. This site has a flirty atmosphere and nice features to use. If you are in the right mood – I’m sure it will be not so hard to find somebody here.

And a big point is that the girls love it as it’s not too aggressive and hardcore! So no dick pics on your profiles, remember?


Good luck to you guys!

Enjoy Adult Match Maker >>>

Please do not hesitate to share your experience in the comments below.

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