Fling Sex Contacts, Porn & Webcams: 3 In 1 Product Review

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Fling is one of the biggest and the oldest sex contacts sites on the web. Fling’s parent company also owns some VOD porn resources and their very own sex cams service.

Hello guys and girls, Xander here. My work has brought me to London but it’s Friday evening and it means that it’s time for the good old whiskey and fun. You know that I always prefer to stay on a quality side so today my choice is Lagavulin 16 y.o. and one of the oldest sex contacts sites – Fling.

Fling sex contacts - Registration

I’ve heard a lot of things about Fling but have never tried it personally so it’s time we do it with you guys.

Straight after the registration Fling gives you the opportunity to show other members that you are here. You can send a wink to everybody (meaning all the girls if you are a guy) or choose manually who to send it to.

Fling sex contacts - Winks
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I’ve preferred to skip this step because I saw one guy there, and I don’t want to wink at him. I changed the members’ list and saw even a photo of a cock. I guess you would also close it and not go for it.

Not gonna happen GIF
Source: giffy.com

What you can understand immediately from this sex contacts site’s home page – there is LOTs of content there.

Huge photo and video galleries, member video streams – pictures, pictures, pictures everywhere. Looks promising?

Alas, while you a standard member – they are not for you… :(. You can browse some galleries that are open, but videos and big size photos, and even some of the user profiles are closed until you pay.

So anything we click – we go to the Payment page:

Fling sex contacts - Payment

Here is one cool feature here: Fling guarantees you satisfaction!

They are not promising to give your money back, as everybody knows this will never happen at any sex contacts site. They offer you another 3 months of Premium membership for free. I cannot comment on it right now, but it sounds much more real to me than getting my cash back.

Cheers mate!
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I cannot say that the girls here are bombing me like mad. There were 4 messages from the pretty sex contacts in my inbox. I can neither read nor answer them until my profile is paid though.

It’s not really a smart decision to buy a trial membership for 2 or 7 days that they actively offer, because in the end of the story you don’t get all features. I bought it and I could view any profile, read messages, and talk to girls. When I tried to watch the user stream – I saw this instead:

Fling sex contacts - Restrictions
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Then I tried to click on the photos to watch them full size and got this:

Fling sex contacts - Upgrade trial

Pretty funny, huh? If I knew it before I would have paid for a monthly membership instead of a daily one to get all the premium features. Now I have paid for a trial, and see that I need to pay for premium anyway to get everything I wanted.

Also be careful with the upsell banners when you are entering your credit card details on this sex contacts site. I’ll show you. See that banner on the right hand side?

Fling sex contacts - upsell banner

I clicked on it and I was redirected to this page:

Fling sex contacts - VOD upsell

Now read that text below. Not everybody will read it while they are looking at the hot girls’ boobs and other assets, right? Reality Kings will charge you for a monthly membership immediately after clicking!

Source: giffy.com

However, if you pay for a GOLD membership, Fling offers Reality kings for free. Good job, guys!

To be honest, after discovering those little tricks I could have become a bit disappointed with Fling…

But in fact NO.

My opinion is that FLING is one of the biggest sex contacts sites with tons of girls there. When you pay for a Superhero status, it depends only on you how fast you can get laid.

I have personally chatted with a few girls (didn’t meet but it was fun). Plus girls here have tons of photos and videos you can enjoy (on other sites it’s one or two photos and to find a video sounds like hustling for a jackpot). Not all of them are free, so you can buy videos also directly from the girl’s profile.

You can rate hot photos of your favourite sex contacts or decline the ugly ones in a special section. It allows you to enjoy them and to notify the photo owner that you are paying attention to her.

Fling sex contacts - Rate photos

If you are up for cams then I have some good news for you. Fling is not only a sex contacts site but offers extra options for various needs.

Fling sex movies

Here you can find adult videos for free and to purchase, plus a FREE live cam site Flingvip.com

Fling sex cams
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Don’t like this one? No problem – Fling’s very own brand Camsoda.com is at your service:

Fling Cam Soda

Fling offers you free tokens (coins which you can use to tip cam girls) plus a discount for your registration, which is billed from your credit card that you used for Fling.


Well, I fully approve and recommend Fling as a sex contacts site. Here you will definitely find somebody or at least something what will catch your eye (read d.ck), and get laid for a night.

Enjoy some great high quality porn, amateur webcams and adult dating – 3 in 1. I am sure if you are up to having fun, you will not get disappointed when you spend your money here.

Enjoy Fling Special Offers >>>

Good luck and don’t forget to post about your successes in the comments below!

Source: giffy.com

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