Webcam Models As Girlfriends: Pros And Cons

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Webcam models are keeping online freaks like me in their live streams every day for a long time now. I honestly can’t even remember when I did it for the first time. The point is that each time it feels like you have real sex if the webcam model knows and uses her abilities in the right way.

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At the same time you know that it was not real. The webcam models aren’t in the same room with you. I guess you would agree that during those sweetest moments you more than wish her to be skin-to-skin to you. However, at the same time you don’t. That’s why you do not look for an escort, but enter a webcam site.

So my simple question is: would you really want to go out with the webcam model offline?


What the guys think about dating a webcam model

We’ve had conversations from time to time with my guys about this topic. Most of the guys found that impossible. Why? Because they cannot imagine introducing this girl to friends and other people, who maybe saw her before on the webcam. Therefore this may become a subject for some really bad jokes afterwards.

One friend of mine told me that it depends on what that webcam model does on a camsite. If that’s no more than chatting and showing off her body, he could accept that without any problem. It even seems cool to him because she probably have skills as a professional stripper. Overwise, if she does any kind of fetishes on cam, it’s absolutely unacceptable to him.

The other guy told me that as long as the webcam model wants to have real sex only with him, he does not care how many guys look at her and what she’s doing for work.

The third guy told me that it would be super cool if the webcam girl who looked at tons of guys during the day dated him. She’s naughty enough to work in that field, and they can even talk in bed about different experiences she had. It turns him on a lot.

What is it like for a webcam model

It’s not a secret that I’m an old online surfer and have spent ages on the webcam sites. I personally know a lot of those hot and horny girls, met with them offline and can share their opinion about that topic as well.

Well, most of them don’t take their work personally. It’s just work for them, not fun. Like in any other field if you deal with a professional person who knows her stuff, you will be satisfied and leave with the feeling, that it was a win win for both of you.

However, it doesn’t mean that if you are a jerk as a client (and believe me, on porn and webcam sites there are so many jerks, hope it’s not you!) you will be treated well and not get what you deserve.


Some of the webcam models say yes, if I meet the guy and fall in love, I’ll definitely quit the job if he asks for it. But most of them say that if the guy cannot take me for who I am, that’s a wrong guy then. And usually webcam girls are making a good money, so they are not so looking to just find a guy who will pay their bills.

And what’s also very important, most of the webcam models do not take this job as a life time job. It brings good income so some of the girls are planning to save for education or buy a house, and then stop. Cougar niche is very popular but not the grannies niche, you know. 🙂

Final judgement

So it looks like there is no big difference between dating a webcam model and just a girl. The one side to it is your confidence within the society. If you are a confident guy who doesn’t care what the other think, you will get the other side: a professional horny girl who knows what to do in bed (trust me, her knowledge goes further than that of the others).

Agree? Have something to share? Please feel free to share your opinion and experience in the comments below!

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