Mature Women Date Younger Men: The Dating Site Of Choice To Find Your Cougar

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Have you ever dreamt about dating an older woman? Do you also find those mature women super sexy, and very experienced? And let’s be honest, her independence just makes you want her more with every second you spend together. Read on to find out what DateCougar has to offer to those looking to date mature women.

It’s so hot today that I thought my brain would melt in the office regardless of the air conditioning. So I have escaped a bit early not to get into the Friday evening traffic. Yes, everybody is fleeing the capital and going to the seaside today. I will probably drive somewhere nice tomorrow morning together with Mia. So I have a Friday evening all to myself, to you my dear readers, and to a delicate subject of dating mature women.

What shall we drink? I have an open bottle of Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban in my bar, so I will pour a glass. It’s a fruity whiskey that got matured in the port casks. Did I just say matured? Yes, and I feel like investigating what it’s like to look for a mature woman for the younger guys.

That’s what mature women look like, right?

I have written an article last month on the pros and cons of dating mature women, so we will not get into that subject now. Read the article to find out what it’s like to date a milf. The main question that I want to answer now is where to find one.

There are quite a few cougar dating web-sites out there, but today I have picked DateCougar for review. Why? I was really impressed with its localization. When you come to a front page, it adjusts based on your browser language. And it changes not only language of the site, but the look and feel. Yes-yes, these guys really thought it through.

DateCougar localization

Let’s see what’s inside here for you!

Registration process for the guys

I have switched to Danish this time and turned my Danish proxy on. Yes, registration form looks a bit dated – most sites already have fast & fun registration wizards. And what’s more important, when you choose that you are a guy, you cannot really choose year of birth earlier than 1987:

Only young guys accepted

I guess they are vetting the guys and gals to keep the site niche. When I selected that I was a woman, I could not choose anything over 1982. So they define cougar starting from 35 years old. And the toyboy (yes-yes, that’s what the cougar hunters are called) should be younger than 30 years. So in theory the couple of a 35 years old girl and 30 years old guy is a cougar-toyboy couple. That’s fun, I know a couple of friends I will tease this with. LOL

Anyway, I have chosen to be a 27-year-old guy this time. After filling out the data there is a data confirmation step where you can adjust your geo info. I would remove it altogether as that’s where many people would close the site and not proceed. But our desire to meet hot mature women is stronger than UX glitches, right?

Meet Hot Mature Women Now >>>

So we proceed and actually register. Confirmation email is in my inbox – everything is pretty standard. I have confirmed my email, and I am inside!

Member area UX/UI

I must say that DateCougar looks a bit dated inside, same as their registration form. You can judge for yourselves:

DateCougar member area

First of all, user pictures are tiny! I think this is the biggest turn off for us as the end users. You are here to meet someone, right? Have some hot sexy chat, and as a result, find mature women of your dreams to have some nsa fun with. Therefore how can you choose if you can’t even see their faces well?

Other than that, I found the site pretty straightforward and easy to use. Very simple navigation at the top, member lists and old school mailbox:

Mail mature women easily

We are again surrounded by mysteries though. I guess, it’s trendy to cover profiles and messages subject lines with a stylish myst. SexKontakter, Cdate and Lisa18 do it, and now DateCougar plays the same trick with the users in their mailbox.

Being a Trial member you cannot do much. Same as on the most other hookup sites though. So yes, I will pay and see who I can talk to.

Upgrading the membership

Quick screenshot of the upgrade process:

Upgrade membership at DateCougar

DateCougar seems to be on the inexpensive side. I have paid for quite a few hookup services, and this one is pretty fairly priced. My recommendation here is go for a 3 months Gold membership. It saves you money, but is not such a big of a commitment as the 6 months one.

Buying VIP will get you the ability to talk to all the women regardless of their status. This is the most attractive selling point, but you don’t need to buy it on the cougar web-site. Why? Because women here are looking for the younger guys like you. They are mature, independent, and are ready to pay for their entertainment. As a result, most of them will be Gold members already. In fact, many may be VIP to be able to talk to Trial users of their choice:

VIP mature women at DateCougar

But do you prefer to be in control of the situation? Then still buy Gold membership to be able to choose those women YOU want to talk to!

Regarding the special offers – they always have something going:

DateCougar special offers

This is an offer of 3 months Gold membership for free. In the end they offer you 6 months Gold with 50% discount. But it makes sense to buy as it’s so much cheaper per month. I have also received 30% discount offer for any subscription type the other day. Just do not buy immediately and watch out for specials when you browse – they will be coming for you!

Mature women selection and interaction

Okey, now let’s get to the main subject. We are at the DateCougar web-site to find mature women to flirt and hookup with, right?

Before jumping into reviewing a cougar web-site, I have studied the subject a bit. The best article with the definition of who the cougar is was this one from Thought Co. So technically yes, mature women aged 35+ can be considered cougars when they are dating 10 years younger guys. It just does not feel right to me though. These 35 year old women here do not look like cougars at all:

Young but mature women

Maybe if you are 20 though, these girls are mature enough for you. Anyway, lets move on. There are quite a few user lists that you can use to find the woman of your dreams:

Mature women to choose from

There is also a Flirt game where you can go through the photos of the users. You choose if you want to flirt with this woman or not. She gets the notification if you do, and if she also wants to flirt, you can start a conversation with her.

Flirt game at DateCougar

There are some limitations though. You have to upload your own photo if you want to keep playing and choosing the girls this way. Fair enough, otherwise the woman will not know if she wants to flirt back!

What impressed me is the quantity of the profiles without pictures:

Mature women without photos

I am definitely not implying that all those mature women with photos are fake users, no. But seeing the fair amount of profiles without any photos actually made me believe the site was credible.



To be honest, DateCougar does not make an excellent first impression. The site looks quite dated and loads quite slowly. Registration form is boring and long, the ux designer did not make an effort to make the process fun for us. When you are inside, you feel like you are in 2005 – those user pictures are way too tiny to be very effective. I had to go to the profiles of the women to see the bigger photos and make a decision if I want to talk or not.

Some of the girls were too young or at least looked too young to be cougars as well. Other than that, I’ve had a great time here. Very efficient searching facilities plus the flirt game made it easy to find the women I was happy to talk to.

If you are looking for a mature woman to hookup with, DateCougar looks like the place to go. It has a good international database of users, and as a result you can get laid very fast after a couple of conversations. It is niche and targeted. Every woman I spoke with was indeed looking for a younger guy to go out and eventually have some naughty fun with.

So, don’t waste more time reading and take action now!

Find Your Mature Woman Today >>>

Did you try dating a mature woman? I really want to know what it was like for you guys!

Refreshing? Boring? Quality sex? Share in comments please and bust those myths… or not…

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  • September 8, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    dating a MILF is like heaven .. min responsibility, max pleasure

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