About us

About me.

Hey, I am Xander. I am a guy like you, working till late in the office and sometimes from home.
I go to the gym regularly so I look fit and hopefully younger than my age.

I hate wasting time and going to the crowded bars and clubs. I drink whiskey (preferably single malt!) on Friday nights, smoke my cigar and hang out on the adult dating and cam sites. I sometimes also play adult video games. I used to watch porn – but got really bored with it. I would do it now only if I can find something that’s new and fun.

Most of all I love reviewing what I saw so you guys can avoid my mistakes. I do it thoroughly but with humour, and I hear that people love reading what I write.

I have a friend – Mia.

She is 29 and she is freaking hot. Blond, blue eyes, 175cm and quite curvy if you know what I mean. She could have been a model if she wanted to, but she’s too smart for that. Don’t ask me if I have ever slept with her – I am not gonna tell you anyway. 😉

She works at the same company as myself. If the two of us are in the same meeting, everyone if gonna die of laughter. Or they will witness a huge fight – depending on what’s on the agenda.

She sometimes comes to my place over the weekend to have a drink or two and talk crap. She would laugh at what I write in my reviews. Sometimes she would write a couple of articles for my blog to give us guys her female perspective. Sex toys reviews is her favourite.

Mia is the one obsessed with different tests, psychology and compatibility. I talked her into creating tests for the guys who read my blog. She is pretty good at it, and she is now writing some more serious articles for my peeps on the blog too.

My disclaimer.

What you read on my blog are fun articles about those adult entertainment sites. You walk through them with me and see if you like it or not.

You will also get my honest opinion about their features, usability and of course the girls. I will honestly tell you if I managed to get laid or have fun on all of these sites I review.

I also collect different special offers and discounts for adult sites. When you sign up to my blog, you will receive those weekly to your mailbox. This way you can join hot sites in one click and also save money in the process.

Do I earn money from this? Yes, sometimes I do when I refer you guys there. If you find the resource hot and pay for it, I may get an affiliate commission for this. Being open and honest with you is always at the top of my agenda. I may also run some banners on my blog, and earn a penny from the advertising.